Bvlgari Beverly Hills

By photographer Alex and Josh Ponder

This lovely BVLGARI event was such a treat. Not only is it always fun to go to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills but to get paid to work as an event photographer is that much better! Everyone was super sweet and that made our job a breeze. The BVLGARI jewelry shop is gorgeous and we got to photograph it all. Their VIP guest had exotic vintage cars on display outside the store. It was all very glamorous and picture friendly. We felt like kids as we photographed his antique car collection of Bentley, Bugatti, Ford and others expensive cars.

We mostly took candid photos and captured the event at a distance so that the guests can enjoy themselves. As you can see some guests posed for the camera and we loved taking their photos too. We can’t wait to be the event photographer for another BVLGARI at Beverly Hills celebration!

We’ve had the pleasure to photograph this Beverly Hills family multiple times. You can even say we became their favorite Beverly Hills Event Photographer. While some kids may love the camera, others are a bit shy and need to be photographed when they’re not looking.

This is when we shine! Of course it helps when everyone is having a great time and when the event host goes all out and plans a beautiful colorful event, worthy of being a Beverly Hills Event. It makes it easy for us to capture kids just having a good time and produce fabulous photos. Take a look at these beautiful images and notice how we captured them in a candid way. Every photo showcases emotions that can’t be posed. If you have any questions please ask away!

Beverly Hills Event Photographer Alex & Josh